We at SCHLÖSSER provide Technical Parts made of plastic for a wide range of application options across almost all industrial sectors. We stand alongside and support globally leading manufacturers with sector-based requirements by providing them with smart solutions for their applications – to deliver optimum performance in all sectors.


Either for smart automation at home or in a production environment, for monitoring the status of stationary systems or sensors in mobility applications. At this time, sensors are used to monitor the full spectrum of processes, systems and devices. The expectations users have on the durability of their devices and on the accurate feedback they receive from sensor systems can only be satisfied if those sensors operate reliably under all circumstances. To help ensure that this happens, SCHLÖSSER contributes its expertise in the sealing, damping, insulating, gluing and venting of applications as well as with components to meet optical requirements, such as polarisation or reflection films.


As a leading manufacturer of customer-specific components for displays and HMI, we can help our customers in all sectors to respond rapidly to changing market and application-related requirements, and to specific customer wishes. We provide our customers with optimised material solutions such as punched components positioned on frames as well as ‘jigsaw solutions’. We continue to support you with the design of parts and the choice of materials, and we offer you a choice of different cleanliness levels for production: Optical requirements in display technology, high-voltage, microelectronics applications, sensor systems or medical applications.

Dichtungen Auto Display Infotainment
Dichtungen Schlösser Steuergeräte


Innovation and continuous further development of electronic components and control systems involves various factors, including the miniaturisation of components – which in raises the bar on the requirements for our application-based solutions. Also, changes often also involve an improvement in performance.

We can provide you with an appropriate solution for these topics and for others relating to electronic components, e.g. electromagnetic compatibility, heat management and an increase in the service life of components. Proper sealing and damping are just two of those solutions.

Plug-in connectors

Plug connectors are used wherever a connection needs to be established at an interface for power or data transmission. There are many requirements for temperature and media resistance and for seal integrity as well as approval-relevant requirements for the electrical properties of the materials used, up to the high levels of stress experienced by connectors in adverse environments. With our experience, we can help you to make the right choice.

Dichtungen Schlösser LED Beleuchtung


Lighting involving classic luminaires as well as ultra-efficient LED lamps are needed in every walk of life: Indoors and outdoors – in building technology for commercial as well as private applications. The choice of lighting also involves navigating a range of technical requirements and design aspirations. SCHLÖSSER supplies many components, some with optical requirements, for example for homogeneous illumination using diffusion foils, as well as Technical Parts for electrical insulation, ventilation or heat management for hotspots in LED applications.

Smart Home

Building technology is being upgrade all the time with new smart systems. These enhance convenience for users or owners, often hand-in-hand with the potential for saving energy. We can provide appropriate solutions from our portfolio of applications for electronic components and displays, some operating in the foreground, some operating in the background.

Dichtungen Schlösser Smart Home
Dichtungen Schlösser Elektromotoren

Electric motors

Electric motors are used wherever something needs to be moved. With our solutions for sealing housings or insulation inside electric motors, we help to ensure that this happens reliably.

We support suppliers with our expertise, contributing towards innovative development in the e-mobility sector in which electric motors have a central role to play.


Battery technology is a field comprising a great many different approaches and technologies. As a shared objective, all batteries aim to achieve the most effective and long-lasting storage of power. Battery storage is gaining in importance, especially in relation to the use of renewables and the trend towards electric mobility.

Dichtungen Schlösser Batterien

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Dichtungen Schlösser Powertools

Power Tools

Power saw, router, cordless screwdriver or robotic mower – electric, petrol-powered. No matter whether the power supply is cordless or wired, SCHLÖSSER solutions always help to make working with these tools easier, quieter, faster, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and safer.


The sport of biking is absolutely on trend right now, in particular E-Bikes, bicycles with electric support, are enjoying an increase in popularity. Alongside motor assistance, electronics in the form of battery, sensor and display components are also making their way into these bikes. Depending on the driving style and surface, these structures may be exposed to powerful impacts and vibrations or to environmental factors such as dust, dirt, rainwater or strong sunlight.

To assure ride comfort under any and all conditions, SCHLÖSSER provides solutions for these applications, helping to ensure that the electronics and batteries are well sealed, ensuring that riders reach their destinations safely.

Dichtungen Schlösser E-Bike
Dichtungen Schlösser Hausgeräte


Modern domestic applications are functional all-rounders. Dishwashers are becoming ever quieter, faster and more water-efficient as they clean cups, plates and cooking pots hygienically. The load capacity and spin speeds of washing machines keep on increasing. Modern ovens can now cook with steam and can clean themselves. Multi-chamber refrigerators have separate chilling zones for different types of food and cooling requirements. Coffee machines have multiple brewing options. This multi-functionality is in lockstep with the demand for energy efficiency. Less is more when it comes to weight, power consumption and installation space. Schlösser has the knowledge of materials, the technical expertise and the innovative power to improve domestic appliances continuously in relation to sustainability and the enhanced convenience demanded by consumers.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It aims to create and maintain a pleasant or required quality of ambient air (temperature, humidity, cleanliness and CO2 content). We work with our customers to device product solutions in the form of ready-to-install seal components or systems derived from the elastomer technology sector.

We are an established provider of electrical and mechanical components for the sectors of ‘smart living’, HVAC, the feedback and open-loop control of power and storage. Schlösser is the leading technology provider for non-metallic materials made from plate and roll stock.

Dichtungen Schlösser HVAC
Dichtungen Schlösser Sanitär


Developments in the bath tub and shower sector are delivering enhanced comfort – and are also smarter. A great deal now takes place behind the wall: The less visible these components are, the less accessible they become. This increases the requirements relating to safe and long-lasting functionality. SCHLÖSSER supplies sealing sleeves to seal flush-mounted wall sockets for modern shower systems. These sleeves are folded inside the flush-mounted sockets, preventing the ingress of water under the plaster and behind the tiles.

Our portfolio of materials can cover the requirements of common drinking water standards of various countries or in accordance with current UBA guidelines.


In the extraction of raw materials, in the construction industry or in the manufacturing industry, systems and machines are often driven by pneumatics or hydraulics, to help them contend with the heavy loads and high expectations in terms of service life to which they are subject. SCHLÖSSER knows precisely what is involved here and it can also provide a solution for exceptionally demanding requirements.

We are even able to provide a sealing solution for high pressures or for extreme temperatures, e.g. in the form of a gasket or a beaded seal.

Dichtungen Schlösser Hydraulik Pneumatik


Dichtungen Schlösser Medizinische Diagnostik


In the medical technology sector, it is now indispensable for laboratories to deliver precise investigation results, a crucial requirement for diagnosis work. Modern laboratory equipment now runs right around the clock and must satisfy the most demanding of requirements. We field a large portfolio of components to enable these requirements to be met. These components are exposed to very high levels of stress in respect of temperature, media, radiation or force. Either in relation to damping for turbopumps, electrical insulation and sealing of analysis devices or optical films for perfect illumination. Talk to us!

Interior / Exterior

Nowadays, we spend a long time in the car. Consequently, the demands on vehicle interiors are rising all the time, particularly in terms of comfort and the look and feel of interior appointment.

We are delighted to support you in this area, starting with films to protect against glare, a display protector or a pressure equalisation element to ventilate the power electronics – and we also have other products to meet present-day demands.

The exterior of vehicles calls for ingenious sealing and damping solutions. The regular opening and closing of body elements such as doors, boot and bonnet subjects these components to very high levels of stress and strain.

Durability is therefore a crucial factor in the automotive industry. Our products for engine compartments, exterior mirrors, doors and many other components, e.g. functional or connecting element such as locking brackets or linings for galvanic separation, help to achieve the highest standards of service life, full compliance with safety requirements, great functionality and long-lasting resistance to corrosion. In this way, we make an important contribution towards good vehicle performance wherever they might be in the world.

Dichtungen Schlösser Interieur Exterieur


Every approach to fastening technology has to evolve in response to changing circumstances, and this is true of screws, clips and adhesive bonding. Connection technology faces new challenges, especially in relation to the trend that favours e-mobility. Firstly, some elements are no longer used. Secondly, new elements are coming onto the scene to reflect changing requirements.

At the present time, speed, increased efficiency, low costs and flexibility are the most important factors in decision-making.

Our decades of experience enable us to come up with a made-to-measure concept which is also your most economical solution.

Combustion engine

Combustion engines are the pacemakers of industrial production. This is equally true of mining, ship-building, agricultural or construction vehicles and of stationary or mobile applications:  For generations, they have set the pace of progress and of economic growth. Even under the harshest of conditions, big diesel engines need to operate reliably and economically. At the same time, they must satisfy increasingly stringent emission regulations. Wherever you look, diesel and petrol engines are powering our everyday and leisure activities: in motor scooters and cars as well as in lawn mowers or chainsaws. Dynamic seals made by SCHLÖSSER work ceaselessly to assure reliability and operational safety.

Dichtungen Schlösser Verbrennungsmotor
Dichtungen Schlösser E-Mobility


Electromobility is booming – not only in the field of electrically powered cars, but also in e-bikes, electrically powered land vehicles, e-skateboards, e-scooters and soon probably also in aircraft. In some cases, these drive technologies and their components impose new and more stringent demands on sealing technologies than conventional drive concepts, especially in relation to mandated safety concepts. The market is very fast-moving and it is evolving rapidly. This is a challenge for manufacturers – the OEMs – and their suppliers because their customers frequently do not have clearly defined standards, nor do they have established solutions.

Various classes of vehicle with electric drives require very similar sealing solutions. For example, all of them require protection for their batteries against environmental factors and vibration.

To assure ride comfort under any and all conditions, SCHLÖSSER provides solutions for these applications, helping to ensure that the electronics and batteries are well sealed, ensuring that riders reach their destinations safely.


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